Most Common Types of Pesticides

Pesticides are used to eliminate insects, plants, animals, and similar nuisances. The most common types of pesticides are insecticides, herbicides, and rodenticides. However, there are also those that are called bactericides, fungicides, and larvicides that are designed to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and larvae, respectively.

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Actually, there are many ways to classify pesticides. Some classify pesticides according to the chemicals they contain. Others classify them with their mode of application. But regardless of how they are grouped, one thing’s important. You have to choose the one that’s right for your needs.


Insecticides target insects and they are sold in many forms, such as liquid, aerosol, solid, and granule. The type of insecticide to use should follow the habits of the insects. For example, aerosol sprays work best with flying pests like adult mosquitoes. On the other hand, crawling insects, like ants, are addressed through the use of surface powders.

Insecticides eliminate pest by getting the chemicals, which act as poison, into their bodies. There are at least three ways this is done. The first is dermal entry, wherein the poison enters the insect’s body through its skin. These chemicals kill the pest on contact.

The second way is through ingestion. These pesticides enter the body through the mouth, which means it acts as poison when ingested. This is why some pesticides are added to the insect’s food. The third way is respiratory entry, which means the insect gets poisoned once they inhale the chemical. Do note that most insects breathe through the small holes in their abdomen.


If insecticides are used to kill insects, herbicides are mainly manufactured to eliminate plants. This is done by killing the part of the plant where the herbicide is applied. It may also be possible for the herbicide to be absorbed into the plant’s stems, roots, and leaves.

Herbicides are used by gardeners who want to keep the quality of their produce. This is especially needed in vegetable gardening, although flower gardening would have good use of these chemicals as well. Pick the one that would make your garden flourish as you want it.


One of the most popular pests inside the home is rodents. With the use of rodenticides, you can easily eliminate these animals. There are also rodents that thrive outdoors and they can be eliminated using the same chemicals.

Rodenticides are usually added to the food that rodents tend to eat. This process is also referred to as the poison bait. Once the rodent eats the food that has been treated with the chemical, their body will react negatively to it.

Hiring a Pest Control Company

There are many ways to eliminate pests and if you want to discover all of them, it’s best that you contact a reputable pest control company near you. If you end up hiring the professionals who are the best in pest control Pasco, then you can be almost sure that you’ll get best possible results from the service. You’ll get all the pests away from your home, garden, and the entire property in no time at all.

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