Autumn Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

When the winter comes around, your grass hibernates. The change in season and temperature makes changes in your lawn care practices as well. But even if the grass hibernates, it doesn’t mean that it would stop growing. It’s just that you have to care for the grass in a slightly different way.

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During autumn, the outdoor temperature starts to cool down. That’s also when the grass blades cease to grow. Even so, the roots of turf grasses continue growing. So, when the fall starts, you have to do a lot of fertilizing and watering. Doing so will provide all the moisture and nutrients that your lawn needs during the cold spell.

Autumn Special Lawn Care Requirements

During the fall, the grass needs adequate moisture and nutrients to prepare them for the winter. This is why fertilization and watering are very important. They help the grass grow strong roots that are essential for building reserve energy. To fertilize lawns, you can use hand-held spreaders and walk-behind spreaders.

Be sure that you read the instructions on the package or label of the fertilizer and carefully follow them. It’s important that use the right amount of fertilizer in the right frequency. When it comes to fertilizers, more isn’t always better. You should also apply herbicides for the grass if needed.

Fall Lawn Repair

If you need to do any repair for the lawn, the fall is the best time to do it. Lawn repair entails fixing bald spots with the right type of seeds or by using lawn repair mixtures. Warm season grasses tend to turn brown in the winter. To keep that from happening, you have to overseed your lawn.

Another lawn maintenance requirement during fall is to leaves raking. While it is not fun to rake leaves, you can expect to do a lot of that during fall. Never miss raking your lawn because of the leaves that fall on the ground block the sunlight. Without sunlight, the grass tends to develop a lot of diseases.

Autumn Grass Facts

During fall, your lawn may look not as lively as it used to but it doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Think of it as their time to hibernate. The winter spell is going to be harsh and they have to prepare for that. Animals aren’t the only ones that need to hibernate. Plants and grass need them too.

To clear your lawn from fallen leaves, you have the option to either blow or rake your lawn. Between the two, blowing is a lot easier. But then, don’t throw your rake just yet. You still need to do some raking not just for the leaves but the soil as well. Raking doesn’t just clear the leaves, but it also loosens up the soil. Every scratch on the soil is going to help in letting the air in.

Proper Way of Mowing Lawns

The best way and time to mow a lawn is when the first leaves have fallen. Waiting for all the leaves to fall before taking them away making things more difficult for the grass. Dew and rain make the leaves stick together, thus making them more difficult to take away. You have to detach and aerate the soil during fall. For more help, be sure to request professional Athens lawn care service.

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