Ways to Cope With Pool Damage During Winter

We hope that you have decided to winterize your pool or employed and expert to perform it. But regardless if you took all of the precautions, your pool can still undergo and experience winter pool damage over time. Though above-ground pools might be more prone, inground pools are not exempted from this issue. Once winter unofficially starts, there is a possibility that your pool cover or your inground pool has structural damage. The most common inground pool damages are:

Damaged pool cover

During the winter seasons, overlooking your pool cover can possibly cause damage to your pool cover and it also causes water levels to rise in your pool. Look for detailed instructions about clearing snow off your inground pool cover and to know when you should do something to at least help protect your pool and your pool cover.

When you have a mesh cover, it will freeze to the pool water over time and this is natural. The mesh cover will sink a little, however, it will go taut once more as soon as the water will be thawed. In this case, you may have to get a pool cover pump that will help minimize the water level to the right level after a snowfall melts.

Burst pipes

Once the pool pipes and pumps were thoroughly drained during your pool winterization, this must never be an issue. However, when any water remained in the pipes and freezes, it can lead to burst pipes.

Cracked tile

When you have had your pool properly winterized, the water level is expected to be reduced below the tile line. This way, the tile won’t be impacted by freezing water, which can also be the cause of cracked tiles.

Pool liners

Winter pool damage usually occurs with vinyl liner pools. Extended freezing temperatures can freeze almost or the entire water in your pool. As a result, your pool liners crack. This is what causes water leakage. You might not know that the leak was present until your pool cover really falls into your pool due to the lower water level. The cover requires a particular amount of water to back it.

Total pool repair may need to wait for spring to come

During the winter, a lot of pool owners tend to be curious about whether they can do anything about pool damage. Sadly, you may be required to wait until springtime before you can get a total pool repair. In most cases, pool repair providers also need to wait for the ice and snow to melt before they can effectively examine the damage. After determining what’s wrong with your pool, you will then be referred and scheduled for replacing the damaged material, such as pipe, tile, or liner.

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